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Breakfast With Alligator Army: Florida @ Tennessee

Florida Gators defeat Tennessee Volunteers 30-6.

- Dooley is ready to end the Fulmer Era at Tennessee with this devastating line.

And who would have thought it would be Urban Meyer and not Steve Spurrier who would run Phillip Fulmer out of the SEC.

- Speaking of Mr. Fulmer, Miss Lindsey was sitting behind the Gator band as the Florida fans in that section chanted "Keep Phil Fulmer clap clap clapclapclap" . Timmy C texted to say the stadium cleared out in the third quarter. At this point, Fulmer looks as good as Zook 2005.

- The most damning thing you can ever say about a team is, "They were unprepared." Well, for the second straight year, the Vols were unprepared against the Gators. Fulmer admits as much.

"As I told our team in the locker room, that loss is on me," Fulmer said.

"I've got big shoulders, and I take responsibility. That wasn't us."

- Tennessee apologist, ESPN writer and anti-Tebow scribe Chris Low thinks Tennessee is mearly an average football team now. Florida was once average too. And that got Ron Zook sent to the Big Ten where 8-5 is a great season.

- The Gators pulled off a few of my favorite plays today; the jump pass (really a goal line play action pass to the TE, which almost always works, college or pro), Cold Blooded Brandon James punt return TD (after a great KO return to set up the first score), and the end zone INT (always the worst possible turnover). The thing is though, you don't pull these off unless your team is focused and crisp. Next week we'll know if it was a fluke because of the previous bye week or these guys really are that focused.

- With the loss of Auburn, there is a Gang of Four with Alabama and LSU in the West, Florida and Georgia in the East. The first set of games between the Gang are Alabama and UGA this week, Florida and LSU in three weeks. With the way everyone has played so far, each of these games will be Ali-Foreman-Frazier-Norton level. Who's who? How's this;

Muhammad Ali- Florida Gators (Hated as much as loved. But, I am biased here.)

George Foreman- LSU Tigers (Scary power, but can be outsmarted. Enjoys grilling.)

Joe Frazier- Georgia Bulldogs (Great team overshadowed by others.)

Ken Norton- Alabama Crimson Tide (More noted for other things (breaking Ali's jaw, Nick Saban) than actual success)