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SEC Power Poll Week Four

1. Georgia- As if Knowshon Moreno wasn't scary enough, now AJ Green is becoming equally as frightening. On the brightside (for everyone else) the psychological tool of the Black Jersey is being used this week against Bama. If the Dogs pulled those out in Jax, they will incite a riot.

2. Florida- You see how I'm preoccupied with Florida-Georgia in Jax? It is because I think the Gators have about a 75% chance to be undefeated coming into that game.

3. LSU- If the defense can keep them afloat, a serviceable QB corps will be enough to win the West.

4. Alabama- Sorry, they are getting their asses kicked this weekend.

5. Auburn- They need to figure out this offense. I know they are in a transitional phase, but 1.9 ypc against LSU is awful, I don't care how good LSU might be up front.

6. Vanderbilt- Only the Tampa Bay Rays making the playoffs would prevent this from being the most absurd sports story of the week.

7. Kentucky- How bad does Tennessee suck? I just put them behind Kentucky, who will play Louisville and three high school teams before SEC play begins.

8. Tennessee- From Timmy C, who was in Knoxville, "I like kicking their ass, but I kind of felt embarrassed for them...It wasn't even like a road game." It's a long season, and Tennessee could win the SEC East again, but it does not look good.

9. Ole Miss- Jevon Snead was clearly distracted by me jumping on his bandwagon. The four ints against Vandy lost his team a winnable game. Also, after week one, I said Ole Miss could be undefeated when McCain and Obama square off in Oxford. I am an idiot.

10. South Carolina- A 10-point win over Wofford? Isn't Wofford an English soccer team? (No, that's Watford.) Seriously, I think Spurrier has been coach long enough to earn the lifetime membership to Augusta National. He can stop coaching.

11. Mississippi State- The good news is MSU more than tripled their scoring output from the Auburn game. The bad news is they scored 7 and allowed 38.

12. Arkansas- They get Texas in the Hurricane Ike Bowl Saturday. They should have just canceled the game to give Petrino time to work on his resume. And no, that joke will not get old.