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Alligator Army Notebook: Sept. 25

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- The Tim Tebow you and I know and love is no longer. While he still has a plurality of carries (34 of 104, Rainey is next with 18), he only has five scores, all throwing. That is as many as UF's rushing TDs and one less than defense/special teams. This either means defenses are locking down or when the offense starts rolling, this team could be an even bigger force.

- Orlando Sentinel "Tim Tebow must chase Daniel if he wants another Heisman Trophy." I know what they mean, but the only thing Mizzou QB Chase Daniel would have over Tebow is a slice of pizza.

- Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but looking for the next Tebow is absurd and he sure as hell is not at UConn.

- The TV networks got what they wanted with the clock rules, cutting 14 minutes in game length. If they really wanted to cut time, they should go to a running clock when a team is losing by 28, similar to Pop Warner football. The length of a competitive game like LSU-Auburn isn't a problem. It's the length of Florida-Tennessee.

- And finally from the Miss Lindsey collection; homemade hatred.


Oh, and Florida plays Ole Miss Saturday. I'm not worried.