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Game Four: Ole Miss @ Florida

Mississippi_logo_medium @ Florida_logo_medium

Firmly in the thicket of SEC play, today's game offers UF a chance to start breaking open their playbook and letting some imagination creep in. Urban Meyer made the point this week how much the clock rules prevent an offense from building momentum. But it also ties into play calling. If Dan Mullen only gets 24 plays in the first half, as they did at Tennessee, can you really take chances? Can you see if Emmanuel Moody is able to handle some of Tebow's carries?

Last week, Moody did get nine carries, three less than Tebow, so the Gators are moving towards trusting the transfer. While he will not be the bulldozer Tebow is in short yardage, a still shaky o-line leaves Tebow open to more punishment. It makes sense to let Moody be the inside man until the line gets solid.

It is hard looking at UF's offensive numbers and coming to any sort of conclusion. But, including the last quarter of the Miami game, the Gators have now scored 40 offensive points in their last five quarters. So, the question leading into today's game; is 8 points a quarter good enough?