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SEC Power Poll Week One


By the way, this is only my ballot. The full results will be posted by our friends at Garnet And Black Attack. -mlm

1. Georgia- Ignore the 21 points allowed. Moreno had three TDs on his own. UGA is still the Class of the league.

2. Alabama- Clemson might not be the 9th best team in America, but Bama looked like a divisional contender.

3. Florida- Only three because I do not want to jinx my team prior to the Miami game.

4. LSU- Will be in the top half of the league, even with the quarterback carousel. I'm continually impressed with how this team can play through man made (Ryan Perrilloux) and natural disasters (Gustav, Katrina).

5. Auburn- No shame here. This team could be like the 2006 Gators with a freakish defense and supercharged offense.

6. South Carolina- I know this game was 3-0 after the first half, but you can't argue with 34-0. I'm still waiting for Stephen Garcia to get some snaps.

7. Tennessee- I'm still upset the Vols cost me money this weekend, but excited they choked.

8. Ole Miss- The Rebs could be 4-0 when McCain and Obama rumble in Oxford. This week's game against Wake Forest will go a long way to judging the legitimacy of Ole Miss.

9. Kentucky- Winners by 25 points and 9th in the league? Well yeah, because Louisville was horrific.

10. Vanderbilt- Huge win on the road against Miami. Of Ohio.

11. Arkansas- Hanging on for dear life at home is no way to start the season. Bobby Petrino is already putting his resume on Hot Jobs.

12. Mississippi State- I was way too upset when MSU crapped themselves against LaTech. But that's what I get for putting CROOOOOOM as the 7th best coach in the conference.

I think the Top-5 in the league will remain relatively the same, but we're still pretty far away from knowing anything. Alabama's win, even if all the ACC teams suck, still means a lot. All we know is this; Assuming Florida and Georgia win out (not a guarantee) that is for the East. The West might be a three-way race with Auburn, Bama and LSU.