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SEC Power Poll Week Five


Full tally at Garnet and Black Attack.

1. Alabama- Happy now Bama fans? Yes, I was incredibly wrong here. Also, Bama now has the two best wins by an SEC team this season; Clemson and Georgia.

2. LSU- Will the Tide and Tigers stay undefeated before November 8?

3. Georgia- I cannot drop them lower than this because they have too much talent and were less horrific than teams 4 and 5.

4. Auburn- They have officially submitted a request to join the Big Ten after the MSU and Tenn. performances.

5. Florida- sigh.

6. Ole Miss- Big week for Colonel Reb; a black Presidential candidate debates at the once (still?) racially divided campus and they beat the Gators in Gainesville.

7. Vandy- They get Auburn and GameDay this weekend. If they play USF for a national championship, the world is broken.

8. Kentucky- After winning the 5A District championship, Kentucky begins SEC play at Bama this week.

9. South Carolina

10. Tennessee

11. Miss. State

12. Arkansas