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Miami @ Florida Recap

Florida Gators defeat Miami Hurricanes 26-3

- This game should never have been 9-3 at the end of the third quarter. Miami played extremely well on defense, but it should not take three quarters for the Gators to adjust to a scheme. If they take three quarters against LSU or Georgia, they are screwed.

- I commented during the game that Dan Mullen was calling plays like an eight-year old on Xbox. There was too many Tebow carries (13 out of 27 for the team) and there was never enough protection. Why not run more six-man lines or keep more backs with Tebow to protect him? His health should not be sacrificed to maintain the scheme. Running a more traditional style to save Tebow every once in a while is a good plan.

- I never felt totally comfortable with the defense last night, but they only allowed 140 yards. They still need more push into the backfield, but clearly more fit as they dominated a tired Miami o-line in the second half. This is a "bend-don't break" defense. Miami also won the time of possession stat, which is probably why it seemed the D was getting smacked.

- Eight guys caught a pass for UF, with Hernandez (5 catches), Murphy (4) and James (4) leading the way. Percy only had one. This is good because if James is catching now, he will be used effectively as a second backfield option when Harvin is full strength.

- On back-to-back drives, UF drove 86 yards in 12 plays (Harvin run) and 95 yards in five plays (Murphy catch). They may need more of the 12 play drives to let the young D get their bearings.

- I wish they had scored 30.