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SEC Power Poll Week Two


Full ballot will be at Garnet and Black Attack.

1. Georgia- Knowshon Moreno: 18 carries, 168 yards, 3 TDs. And the Dogs converted 9 of 12 on third down. Of course, they get the OBC next. We know how well UGA does against him.

2. Florida- They should have scored a lot more, but the FG at the end for the cover was nice. Also, the student section started a "S-E-C S-E-C" chant at the end of the game. So please don't hate us. KTHXBAI.

3. LSU- Moves to three despite bye because Auburn and Alabama made me very uncomfortable this weekend.

4. Auburn- They needed two picks late to secure the game as their four turnovers kept Southern Miss alive. This offense needs to start gelling quickly.

5. Alabama- How do you dominate Clemson, then let Tulane outgain you 318-172 and allow 18 first downs to your 11? All of this during your home opener too.

6. Tennessee- Not much to go on here, but I think we all agree they are more talented than the teams that follow.

7. Vanderbilt- A road win (granted, against Miami-OH) combined with a comeback victory over South Carolina puts them at 7 by default.

8. Ole Miss- Simply ran out of time against a better Wake Forest. While they are 1-1, they'd defeat every team below them on this list. Houston Nutt just might build a winner.

9. South Carolina- I should drop them lower because they were clearly overrated. But Spurrier always plays Georgia tough and wishful thinking keeps the Gamecocks artificially high.

10. Kentucky- Almost 300 on the ground for the ‘Cats, even if it was against Norfolk State.

11. Mississippi State- Showed why they were so highly thought of as they allowed only 148 yards and eight first downs against SE Louisiana.

12. Arkansas- Ugliest 2-0 record in college football. Their next four opponents are at Texas, Bama, UF and at Auburn. Bobby Petrino is reconsidering this whole college thing.