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2nd Annual Alligator Army College Bowl Pick'em: WINNARS

Overcoming the biggest field in history, G46 is the winner of the Alligator Army College Bowl Pick'em. G46 was 24 of 34 with 451 points. He also had Florida with 34 confidence Thursday night. He will receive the Vintage Florida Gators calendar. G46 is also my brother and was with me at the National Championship Game Thursday.

The winner of the Florida Herodecks Playing Cards should be me, since I finished in second place (pats self on back). But, that would not be nice. Instead, two entries, Charlie Chokes on Applesauce (which we hope is a Charlie Weis reference) and LetsDoThis are tied for third. We go to Yahoo's Big 12-like tiebreaker, and it is Charlie who will be choking on Florida Herodecks Playing Cards.

Thanks to everyone for playing and thanks to Herodecks for their contribution. Also, if you would like to contribute your product for our NCAA Tournament Pool in March, email us at