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Oklahoma Senator Completes BCS Bet

Finalizing the worst bet ever, Florida Senator Bill Nelson had Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn sing "Rocket Man" at a breakfast held by the Florida senator in response to the Gators defeating the Sooners. The song choice was inspired by Sen. Nelson's trip on the Space Shuttle in the 1980s and his staunch support for NASA. "Rocket Man" may have seemed like an obvious choice, but that it is an Elton John song adds to the awkwardness since Sen. Coburn isn't exactly a fan of teh geys. Enjoy.

What you don't see is that Sen. Coburn stops halfway because he saw Major Wright in the room and feared for his life.

Had Florida lost, Sen. Nelson would have had to sing "Oklahoma!" at a breakfast held by Sen. Coburn. Both senators have a connection to the schools; Sen. Nelson attended Florida and Sen. Coburn graduated from Oklahoma's medical school.