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Decision Day for Harvin and Spikes

From the Orlando Sentinel's Jeremy Fowler;

The rumors are growing larger that Harvin is gone, and I've heard from at least one reliable source that he is leaning towards declaring for the draft. But Tebow's decision to stay, and the theatrics that accompanied his announcement, have made it difficult for both all week. Spikes has been the tricky one. I spoke with someone close to Spikes, a former teammate, who said as early as Tuesday that Spikes told him via phone that he's definitely coming back. But that's still second hand at this point, and you never know what these guys are saying just to placate their peers.

I think the longer we wait, the more likely each player will stay. However, Harvin should go because a RB/WR only has so many games in them before they break down. Spikes should stay, have another solid season, and become a top-10 pick.