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Alabama Teaches Florida a Lesson

In between shots of Nick Saban's ‘oh shit' look, Utah touchdowns and John Parker Wilson having to comb his bangs after Utah sacks, I kept thinking the same thing, "Alabama is not focused." With the eyes of the nation on them, not only did Bama hurt the rep of the mighty EES-EEE-SEE, they proved that talent means crap if you aren't focused. Andre Smith's suspension was just the tip of the iceberg.

I hope Florida was watching because the same could happen in Miami on January 8. With all the talk about Oklahoma's offense and Sam Bradford being a pro-ready quarterback, Florida is the three-point favorite. In the minds of Florida's young defense, who has not seen anything close to the Sooners' offense, would that designation as the favorite lead to overconfidence? A lack of focus? If it does, watching Alabama lay a dump on Poydras Street should have snapped them to attention.

The good thing about all of this is that Florida has experienced what happens to a team that lacks focus and is unprepared. No, not the Ole Miss game. The Ohio State game. With the exception of Ohio State's one touchdown drive, the Buckeyes were outplayed, outcoached and out schemed. Even the kick return to start the game was a sign of that. You think if the Bucks were taking the game seriously that Ted Ginn Jr. still breaks his foot celebrating his touchdown? (And we all know Reggie Nelson was held on that play too.)

In a game of this magnitude, all things are equal except for the instances where one team remains focused on the task at hand and the other is not. Alabama should have won the game, but instead they did nothing more than show up. Before you say, "Tim Tebow will make sure the Gators are focused," remember that Tebow was not hanging out with Joe Haden or Carlos Dunlap at Christmas. I don't doubt that Tebow will come out with guns blazing after a month off, but who knows how the defense will react to their stiffest challenge? If Florida is ready, you will know it immediately. If not, it will be a long night on January 8.

Speaking of January 8, Alligator Army will be in Miami, cursing at Bradford from the upper deck. If you have the funds, I wholeheartedly suggest you go. If not, you can have my spot at Gator City in Gainesville since this is the first Gator championship try that I will not be in Gainesville. What ever you do, just promise me you'll be in Championship Mode, ok?