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Oklahoma Gives Tebow Some Ammo

There are certain players who do not need more reasons to beat someone. Tim Tebow is one of them. Oklahoma CB Dominique Franks is not aware of this. From the Miami Herald;

"I think our quarterbacks are better. Just the way they conduct themselves -- how they play on the field. playing against those guys, it's a lot harder to prepare for the those guys than it is Tebow."

"From my position, the way they throw the ball, going into a game, you know the quarterback is going to throw the ball 40 times a game versus going into a game, knowing he's only going to throw it 15 or 20. It makes it a lot harder to prepare for those guys."

Franks would go on to say that Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy and Graham Harrell are all better than Tebow and the best receivers are in the Big 12. This was in response to a question about if Oklahoma's pass defense is as bad as their 98th national rank. Apparently, if you play in a pitch and catch league, you automatically have a crummy pass defense. And Franks would appreciate it if you stop mentioning it.

"We're sick of hearing it," Franks said. "We're going to prove everybody wrong."

Of course, Franks is missing the point. Because Tebow can have 10 carries and 20 passes, you don't know what's coming. He demonstrated against Alabama he can throw with touch and power. Yet, he can do this too.

Franks better keep his head on a swivel when Tebow gets past the front seven and only has DBs between him and the goal line. Otherwise, he will be answering questions about his appearence in Tebow's YouTube videos.