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"Run it up, they've been talking a lot of (expletive)."

Who said that gem? Don't know, but the Orlando Sentinel's Jeremy Fowler heard it;

Florida players might not have blown up Oklahoma's comments publicly during Monday's media day, but privately it's certainly an issue.

An exchange between one prominent Gators player and offensive coordinator Dan Mullen said it all as Florida walked toward a Dolphin Stadium stairwell on the way to a team picture. The Gator lightly topped Mullen on the arm and said "Run it up, they've been talking a lot of (expletive)." Mullen was talking to somebody else and might not have heard the comments, but it seems everybody else heard what Oklahoma CB Dominique Franks said...

A prominent Gators player could be anyone. It could be Caleb Sturgis for all we know. Fowler is right to avoid quoting the player because the player said it without knowing there was a media member nearby (the player would be off-the-record). But who would say that to Mullen? Probably a defensive player. And if the defense is taking this personal, Franks' statement could have swung the momentum to UF.

By the way, ESPN has reported today that an offensive assistant told Tim Tebow about Franks' comments. That's in addition to Chris Fowler explaining how Urban Meyer told his team fake comments about how bad they were in 2006 and attributed them to Kirk Herbstreit. Herbie looked like he had just crapped himself. If the Gators win again, Meyer might be the best motivator not named Barack Obama or Sarah Palin.

In other Media Day action, Brandon Spikes dropped this gem.

"When I watch SportsCenter,  I look at the scores and it’s 56-49, just basketball scores. I feel like it’s a joke. Like I said, Ole Miss ran up and down the field on a Big 12 defense. It’s just crazy. That’s just my perception of the Big 12 defenses.''

It's been well documented that Spikes has taken the lead on defense, which makes a statement like that almost normal. You'd much rather see a defensive player, who uses emotion, talking smack. Even better, he's going after Oklahoma's defense, which isn't exactly the Steel Curtain. In all, a relatively safe but effective volley.

Also, Percy Harvin is 90%, which is probably 100% for a lot of other players.