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Game 5 @ LSU: This Is Why We Play The Game

At this point, the question is not will Tim Tebow play tonight at LSU. It is how much will he play. Tebow has been cleared to practice, which you'd assume makes him cleared to play. Secondly, the concern of Meyer and others to hold Tebow out for his own good is based on how dramatic Tebow's original injury was. While people who suffer a concussion are more likely to suffer a second one, it's like saying people who separate their shoulders are more likely to do it again. The risk is higher, but not new.

I expect to see John Brantley tonight, just to mix it up. I also hope for a more traditional offense that leans on actual running backs to move the ball. For all of this talk about Tebow and injuries and Tiger Stadium at night, this game is still epic. One versus Four in one of America's greatest stadiums is exactly what we expected when the season began.

[UPDATE] Just because he is medically cleared, does not mean he will play.