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SEC Power Poll, Week Six


My SEC Power Poll ballot. Final results at Team Speed Kills on Wednesday.

1. Florida

2. Alabama

The march to Atlanta begins with the two clear contenders for the SEC Championship. Every SEC team has a fatal flaw, except the Gators and Tide. If you want to complain, it is that Bama and Florida could not finish drives in their recent impressive road wins. UF had a turnover and interception inside the 20 and Bama was forced to five field goals. But both wins were dominant defensive games and defense wins championships.

3. LSU: If they had a quarterback, they would be a title contender instead of a year away.

There is a huge drop in quality between the top three and the rest. From 4 to 8, you could put the names in a hat and still have a defensible ballot.

4. South Carolina: Goes here because they have not played an awful game yet. Their only loss could have been prevented and they can win ugly.

5. Tennessee: Maybe?

6. Auburn: I guess.

7. Arkansas: Arky is Ryan Mallett and a bunch of dudes who are not very good. But Mallett has enough Snead and Cox in him to scare UF.

8. Georgia: Gave up four TDs to Crompton. Sweet Jesus. UF will put up 70 on them.

9. Ole Miss: Jevon Snead will make a hell of a UFL quarterback.

10. Mississippi State: If they protected the ball, the Bulldogs would have defeated Houston.

11. Kentucky: They played South Carolina hard, but they have no hope of making any real noise.

12. Vanderbilt: Isn't losing to Army like donating to the USO? In that case, we should applaud Vandy for contributing towards the happiness of our troops.