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Classic Moments In Championship Mode: December 2, 2006

To win a National Championship, you need a few bounces to go your way. On December 2, 2006, the Gators got them. The SEC Championship Game against Arkansas started two hours after USC-UCLA in Pasadena. With Florida at No. 4, and USC at No. 2, the Gators needed USC to lose and then hope the voters wanted an Ohio State-Florida matchup for the title, not No. 3 Michigan. Every UF fan was keeping track of the USC game and a huge cheer went up in the Georgia Dome and in Gainesville when this happened;

The Gators were in the locker room when UCLA won 13-9 and when they came out, they got blasted. Arkansas scored the first 14 points of the second half, completing a 21-0 run and taking a 21-17 lead. UF was in panic mode now. Their offense was not moving (2-11 on 3rd downs) and now they have to punt with 3:50 left in the 3rd quarter, after Urban Meyer wasted a time out to decide to punt (which was his only option). Florida punter Eric Wilbur kicked the best kick of his life, and shifted the momentum of the game;

Of course, Florida would have to keep scoring as Arkansas got it to 31-28 in the 4th quarter. But Wondy Pierre-Louis' recovery gave a jolt to a lifeless team, that would not stop dominating until the BCS Championship Game against Ohio State ended.