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Game 6 vs. Arkansas: Hog Huntin'


Alligator Army advocates hunting feral hogs in Florida. Especially when little kids are volunteering to do it.

Today is a bit of a trap game, but Ryan Mallett and Arkansas' offense is enough to challenge the Gators and keep UF's collective head in the game. Arkansas has the misfortune to come into Gainesville at a time when the defense has taken over the personality of this team. The side effect of Florida's lack of a passing game is that Florida must now with with blunt force on both sides of the ball. This is how we won in 2006, so it's not like we're reinventing the wheel here. But at some point, Florida will have to outscore people, and with Mallett, today could be the day. Florida should win today, but I'm not as confident that they will cover the 25 point spread.