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Don't Worry About Rankings

It does not mean anything that Florida is 1 in the BCS or that Alabama is 1 in the AP poll or that Boise State is seen as a more likely BCS Finalist than the undefeated leaders of two BCS conferences. To worry about where we stand in rankings now is to cash your ticket at the Kentucky Derby after six furlongs.

It is an easy case to make that Alabama is the No. 1 team in the nation. Both Florida and Alabama have outstanding defenses, but UF has had back-to-back ugly wins. Bama does not put buckets of points on the board, but you have to appreciate what Mark Ingram (24 carries for 246 yards and a TD against South Carolina) and the Bama offense does. Meanwhile, Florida's offensive play caller has his head up his rear end, the quarterback does not go through his progressions, and the offensive line allowed the worst defense in the SEC to have six sacks. College football is famous for rewarding teams based on history and past play, but voters are quick to pull the trigger when it comes to in season rankings.