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SEC Power Poll, Week Seven


Alligator Army SEC Power Poll ballot. Final results at Team Speed Kills on Wednesday.

1. Alabama: An efficient killer ready to crush all who dare stand in the way. And that's just Mark Ingram.

2. Florida: Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong this season. And they are 6-0. No one said it would be easy to repeat.

3. LSU: After a well deserved bye week, they face a reeling Auburn to keep alive a shot at the Western title.

4. South Carolina: Your Gamecocks are 19th nationally in total defense. If their offense wasn't 78th, they would be a top-15 team.

5. Arkansas: The only game Arky was out of was the 35-7 loss to Alabama. If Ryan Mallett was more accurate, we would be talking about a 3-1 SEC record, not 1-3.

6. Georgia: There are three teams in the SEC that have allowed more points than they have scored. Georgia is one of them. Not good times in Athens, even if they got their annual win against Vandy. Jacksonville should be fun for them.

7. Tennessee: Call it SEC East bias, but I think the Vols are better than Auburn or Ole Miss. But I am looking forward to them getting destroyed at Alabama Saturday.

8. Ole Miss: If Jevan Snead held up his end of the bargain, Ole Miss would be a force. The Rebels have allowed 45 points in three SEC games and scored only 20.

9. Auburn: Arkansas exposed them and Kentucky finished the job. Thanks for playing. Here's 4th place in the SEC West.

10. Kentucky: At 3-3, with four consecutive weeks of winnable games (La. Monroe, Miss State, Eastern Kentucky, at Vandy), the Wildcats can be bowl eligible. That means a lot to a still growing program.

11. Mississippi State: In 6 of 7 games this season, the Bulldogs have scored 24 or more points. Dan Mullen should get Coach of The Year votes just for that.

12. Vanderbilt: 26th in scoring defense and 110th in scoring offense is no way to win football games.