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Throwbacks This Season?

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If you read the Gator boards, you know there are a few guys who comment and claim to have connections inside the locker room. My opinion on this is that they are violating the code of the locker room and they should not be saying who is dating someone's ex-girlfriend and who needs their knee taped up every game. When I was a member of the media, I wanted to know who was injured and not. But I was also an athlete at one point and understood there were certain things a coach or player should keep away from the press. (For instance, Brandon Spikes should have a "lower body injury" not groin and Achilles issues.) These guys who spill team secrets have existed for as long as there have been organized sports. But instead of team secrets being whispered to a few, it is posted for thousands. 

Now that all of that is out of the way, one of these team moles has reported something relatively harmless; a shipment of white helmets is in the UF football offices. The possibility of The Throwbacks being worn again would send Gator hearts a flutter. But, Florida is run like a Fortune 500 company and they would not simply wear the same jerseys again. Different throwbacks would mean more cash from people buying a new jersey. In Florida's history, the Gators have worn white helmets for only 13 years and only four designs; block F (worn in 2006), interlocking UF, numbers and plain. Also, none of them were worn during particularly historic years for UF.

It is also possible the white helmets would be worn in practice while the orange helmets are taken out of circulation to repaint them (Florida has worn orange helmets since 1969 and the current style since 1979). Florida's jerseys in those time periods were fairly plain (blue or white with sleeve trim). It was in the 1980s when the Gators became more flamboyant with orange jerseys. And when you think of notable years, 1984 was Florida's first SEC Championship "won on the field" as sanctions took away the title. This would be the 25th anniversary and UF in orange jerseys and orange helmets against FSU would be an interesting way to end the season. Although, I don't see Jeremy Foley celebrating a vacated title or Urban Meyer allowing his team to wear orange jerseys since he dropped the orange pants after getting an ass kicking at Alabama in 2005 while wearing them.