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Game 7 @ Mississippi State: Can We Have An Easy Game?


While Byron De La Beckwith will not be in attendance, Dan Mullen will be and he will have the opportunity to attack a Gator defense that may be without Brandon Spikes and two defensive tackles. Oh, and did I mention that Mississippi State runs the ball hard with Anthony Dixon? Or that our own offensive coordinator could be embarassed tonight? That's right, I've mentioned these things all week. (Timmy C asked if I thought Mullen would take it easy on UF. I reminded him that UF is not playing Steve Spurrier, who still sees the world through orange and blue glasses.)

The Gators need to win big today at Starkville to restore some confidence in what they are doing. Not only that, with Georgia sitting at home this weekend, the other Dogs will come into Jacksonville well rested. Florida should never look ahead, but a blowout win, at least one that keeps our defense off the field, is ideal. Work'em silly, Gators. Then get the hell out of Mississippi before something bad happens to you.