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On To Jacksonville

There are a few things to note from the Gators' 29-19 win over Mississippi State. One of them is from the Orlando Sentinel's Jeremy Fowler;

Once Chris Rainey got his first touch in the red zone, he rushed for a 9-yard touchdown with 9:08 left in the fourth quarter. Gators running backs got two red-zone touches all game.

That's right, Florida's great backs touched the ball twice during UF's attempts to set offensive football back six decades. This combined with Tim Tebow being asked to throw a play action pass on his one-yard line in the final four minutes, is proof that the playcalling must end now. You can beat Mississippi State by using Tebow as a blunt object, but you will not beat Georgia.

Florida's focus was again missing as Tebow hit a wide open Miss State DB for a 100 yard touchdown and Dustin Doe's Leon Lett moment was saved by the worst conference officials in America. In game seven, can we finally say that Tebow is regressing? Or that too much of the load on his shoulders is breaking him down? As for Doe, I can pass that off as a one time thing and Caleb Sturgis' misses like a golfer missing the fairway. But I'm running out of excuses for Tebow.

Let's end on a happy note, however. Tebow is now tied with Herschel Walker for most SEC rushing touchdowns. The side effect of having an eight-year old calling our red zone plays is that after Tebow's score, he never got to the end zone again. And we know, Urban would love breaking that record in Jacksonville and rubbing it in the face of every Georgia fan. That is the only thing to be sure of in Jacksonville right now, and that's not very good for us.

Welcome To Hate Georgia Week.