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Welcome To Hate Georgia Week

I actually like the University of Georgia. It's in one of the best college towns in America and a very good school I was thisclose to attending.

But I hate Georgia Football.

I hate that they claim a win against 11 dudes from Florida who happened to be in Macon at the same time as the Georgia football team in 1904. This despite the fact that Florida did not have a varsity football team until 1906. What we know as the University of Florida did not exist until 1905, when four universities merged into one. Even if you give Georgia the benefit of the doubt, that they beat 11 guys from Florida's then flagship university, that wasn't the University of Florida.

And I hate when Georgia mentions their overall winning record because the majority of their wins were before Florida was a legitimate program. UGA was 24-5-1 against UF between 1915-1949, including the teams not playing in 1943. Why did they not play in 1943? UF couldn't field a team because nearly all the male students at UF were in World War II. That followed the 1942 game, when the Bulldogs won 75-0 against a Gator team that finished 3-7 after much of the team went into the war. I don't doubt that Georgia won these games, but Florida's lack of male students during World War II definitely contributed to UF only winning twice in the 1940s, 1940 and 1949. Every time I hear about Georgia's epic record against the Gators, I casually mention that in my life time (since 1984), Georgia has only won seven times. So I don't even consider them a real rival, unless hammer vs. nail is a rivalry. I then walk away with three National Championship rings stuffed in my ears. (Georgia does a lot of talking for a school with National Championships in 1942 and 1980. I'll take recent history, thanks.)

On a personal level, I hate that for every good looking Georgia girl in Jacksonville, there are at least three dudes with Bama Bangs and red pants. At least Florida has the courtesy to put our three dudes in golf clothes, a jersey and jorts, and body paint.

I hate the silver pants too. Too much like the Dallas Cowboys. And their band is called the Redcoats, which is the name given to the British in the American Revolution. Georgia some how rips off America's Team and America every fall Saturday. (Actually, the silver pants precede the Cowboys. So I guess they are ripping off the Detroit Lions? Because that would explain Georgia's recent losses in the series.)

I hate that Aaron Murray and Orson Charles are at Georgia. Not because they did anything personally to me, but they went to hoity toity Plant High School in Tampa and I hate Plant. (Charles is the guy who broke UF's 2006 crystal ball.)

I hate that Knowshon Moreno's last name is pronounced like mine, despite being spelled completely differently. It's like having an unknown brother terrorizing you.

Finally, I still hate this;

The Gators still hate it too;

"We feel as if it’s a slap in the face," Terron Sanders said. "We can’t just let it be a one-year thing where we feel like we took care of it. We always have to look back at it as disrespect."

And for the first time since 2005, Alligator Army will be in Jacksonville, bringing the hate and hoping to avoid getting beat up by local Jacksonville goons. And we will be in Championship Mode.