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Dropping The Ball

During training camp this past spring and summer, two things were supposed to happen on offense; Tim Tebow's throwing motion was finally going to be fixed, and the receiving corps would pick their 3 and 4 options after Riley Cooper and Aaron Hernandez went up the ladder.

Neither of those things have happened.

Tebow is even more lazy now with the ball, nearly starting his wind up from his hip. At this point, Tim Wakefield has a quicker release than Tebow. There is no excuse for this. In his fourth year, he should be committed to doing things the right way, not his way. It doesn't matter if he is still completing more than 60% of his passes. Anyone can throw an accurate ball short, which is what UF has been doing. This team is never going downfield, despite Deonte Thompson sliding across your TV the past few weeks with his hand in the air. If Tebow had a quicker release, he could execute his decisions quicker, which is desperately needed since everyone is blitzing and stunting UF's line into submission.

Scot Loeffler was supposed to turn Tebow into Tom Brady or Chad Henne, but a few months was not going to change 20 years of a bad throwing motion. He should have been better council for Tebow in terms of checking his emotions as a quarterback. The interception that Mississippi State returned was a throw Tebow thought he could make because he is Tim Tebow. It had no chance. While those plays are few and far between, taking off after the first read is covered is another example of Tebow's emotions getting to him. He thinks no one else can do the job, so he has to. Loeffler was supposed to be the voice of reason and stepping into the pocket, and he has not done his job.

Steve Addazio and Billy Gonzales deserve a large share of scorn too. Addazio has done a servicable job in putting together an o-line without last year's starting tackles, but the unit looks lost on some plays. As offensive coordinator, he could protect these guys more, but has not chosen to do so. In addition, it took until last week for Addazio to finally move his line around, with pulling guards providing a nice convoy for UF's backs outside the tackles. This is an example of how Addazio lacks the creativity to be a coordinator. He is not using plays that stretch the limits and plays that should work, are not working. (Why is no one open on playaction passes?) Gonzales shoulders the burden too for running a receivers unit that has given UF two studs and a bunch of bums. It is not his fault Carl Moore and Andre Debose are injured, but he's had all year to figure this out. He's also conspired with Addazio in setting Florida's offense back to 1979. If he has as much authority with red zone offense as Addazio with the rest, then he is just as guilty of crapping the bed as Addazio is between the 20s.

Of course, Tebow, Loeffler, Addazio and Gonzales are members of the conspiracy while Urban Meyer is the leader. I think Meyer was aware that this was not going to be easy. But instead of demanding more accountability from the major actors, he seems willing to pass everything off as part of the process. I appreciate him taking responsibility while being delicate, but if you were like me, you were excited to see him yell at Addazio in the first half. Meyer has to stop being his coaches' friend and make them figure this out. You don't win National Championships by assuming you have the most talent or that eventually you'll play better. You do it by working harder than the other guy. Judging what this group has done since the spring, you have a good reason to doubt if they've been putting in the necessary work.