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SEC Power Poll, Week Eight


Our SEC Power Poll ballot. Final results at Team Speed Kills on Wednesday.

1. Florida: Like Alabama, they cannot throw the ball. But that's because Tim Tebow is dealing with untrained receivers and linemen. Greg McElroy is the untrained one for Alabama.

2. Alabama: Championship teams win games like Alabama did on Saturday against Tennessee. Florida fans should be very concerned about that. (Remember Jarvis Moss against South Carolina.)

3. LSU: They are still in the SEC West race and running the table could put them in Pasadena, instead of Bama or Florida. That is all you can ask for from your team; a chance to win it all.

4. South Carolina: The most improved SEC West team changes each week, but it is clear South Carolina is the most improved in the East. And you know Spurrier is licking his chops about beating Kiffin Saturday.

5. Ole Miss: Third in scoring defense, Ole Miss can still make noise. But they need the offense to keep putting up 500 yard days like they did against Arkansas.

6. Georgia: They better hope that the bye week solved their defensive issues. But the only thing more embarrassing than UGA's defense is Florida's offense, making the Cocktail Party into an awful game.

7. Tennessee: You ever play poker with a guy who is an idiot, then wins a big pot, then blows his stack on a bad hand? That's Lane Kiffin.

8. Mississippi State: If they finish their season 3-1 (wins at UK, at Arky, vs. Ole Miss; loss at Bama), that's six wins and a bowl game. After the way they played against Florida, asking Miss State to get to six wins is not a stretch.

9. Kentucky: No Mike Hartline means Randall Cobb is Black Tim Tebow; 198 yards of offense and two touchdowns against Louisiana-Monroe. Just keep Cobb under center for the rest of the season.

10. Arkansas: Giving up 553 yards was a return to normalcy for Arkansas.

11. Auburn: A three game losing streak in the SEC is what we all expected when Gene Chizik came to Auburn. So glad everyone's predictions were accurate.

12. Vanderbilt: With the 85th ranked rushing defense, Vandy is screwed against Georgia Tech.