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Evil Tim Tebow Wins

Not even black helmets could stop Tim Tebow today, as the Gators rolled Georgia 41-17, putting UF six wins away from a fourth National Championship. We can make a statement like that because Florida's win was a demolition from each unit; from Caleb Sturgis 56 yard field goal to UF's linebacker corps forcing four turnovers. They truly played like a National Championship team. But it always begins and ends with Tebow. Today, we finally saw that other side of our quarterback; Evil Tim Tebow.

Tebow was cool in the pocket, stepping up and hitting second and third reads(four guys had multiple catches, six players total). The touchdown throws to Riley Cooper were great plays by Cooper, but Tebow had to move and put touch on the ball. Tebow had 18 carries, which is enough to make you queasy, especially with a few hard hits. But he wasn't taking off as much, trusting his pocket and his receivers. This is the Tebow who wants to play hard and win, not the one so consumed with a perfect season, he lets the pressure hurt him. Evil Tebow will go back into a dark room with a bottle of whiskey for a few weeks, so he is rested for FSU and possible SEC Championship Game (if Tennessee beats South Carolina, UF clinches the SEC East).

As for the defense, A.J. JONES TAMPA WHAT! I was so proud of the Middleton High School product in what might have been the greatest game he has ever played. Two interceptions on two outstanding individual plays, plus five tackles and a sack for an awesome day. (He could have had another pick, had Orson Charles not mugged him.) As good as the defense has been lately, it is a different beast with Brandon Spikes in the middle. Spikes adds a layer of aggressiveness that no player can match. The one weak point on defense today, allowing UGA receivers to cross the middle, was solved late when The Major Wright put his shoulder into the exposed ribs of A.J. Green and Ryan Stamper got his INT.

After the game, Urban Meyer made a point of crediting Steve Addazio and Scot Loeffler for waking the offense up. As we have written here (and in agreement with the people who booed when UF settled for the second Sturgis field goal), no one is ever happy with the play calling. But today, more guys made plays, which can either be a result of Tebow, a result of coaches putting guys in a spot, or both. Meyer spread the credit around. The postgame was really evidence that he and Tebow are both feeding off the negativity that has followed this team. They are the ultimate mental athletes, something Mark Richt should consider next time he tries to dress his team like Grambling.