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Welcome To The Most Important Week Of Tim Tebow's Career

The game against LSU will not make or break the Gators' season. But the decisions made by Tim Tebow and the men surrounding him can impact him for the rest of his career.

If Tebow plays and wins it is another reason to name Tebow the best college football player of his generation. To return from the blow he took and win in the most hostile environment in College Football, Tebow will have earned every ounce of hype thrown his way. If he plays with the usual lack of concern for his own safety, he will be our John Henry in orange and blue and every game between now and Pasadena would be a speed bump.

If Tebow plays and loses, the cloak of invincibility will be gone. Part of the reaction to Tebow's injury was that it was a freak play. Losing to LSU will not be a freak occurance and Tebow would be 1-2 against the Tigers as a starter. That alone won't impact Tebow's legacy, but if you think LSU fans won't bring it up, you must be one of the four UF fans that forgets Peyton Manning never beat Florida. Even worse, if Tebow is injured or is clearly struggling, it'll be like watching Ali-Holmes and hoping the corner throws in the towel. This result would be the worst thing that could happen to Tebow as a college player.

If Tebow does not play he would have been held out for his own safety. Either Tebow is still suffering from symptoms (not likely) or Urban Meyer would have held him out because Meyer is still as freaked out as everyone else was. Meyer would have taken the long view; a 90% Tebow off a head injury is too great of a health risk. Meyer knows as much as anyone that the brand of ball Tebow plays will continue leave him open for massive hits. Returning at less than 100% is not an option.

Tebow's career will be impacted by all three of these actions. Five days out, I think the chances of Tebow playing are as much as the chances of him not playing. As much as everyone wants Tebow to play, no one wants to see him back at less than 100%. Tebow can say he is ready to go. It is up to Meyer and the doctors to determine if Tebow is ready or if his career is better off taking more time off.