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Cocktail Party Hangover

- Tim Tebow and Brandon Spikes yelling at each other following the Mississippi State game would be like watching your parents fight, if your parents were a large black man with dreds and an equally large Bible-thumping white guy. The impact of the two leaders of the team challenging each other is a trickle down effect with the results coming in 41 points against Georgia. As Tebow and Spikes yelled at each other, imagine a guy like A.J. Jones or David Nelson sitting there, wondering how they can play better. Florida's unit-by-unit victory was a direct result of UF's team leaders challenging each other.

- In a dark arts kind of way, Spikes going for the eye gouge is hilarious. (When I first saw the video, I thought he was going for a strip. I am a huge homer.) He might get suspended, since college players can't just pay a $10,000 fine and move on. But, if you had to pick out a guy to commit a dirty act at the bottom of the pile, how far do you go before you get to Spikes? Isn't he the first pick? I mentioned on Saturday that he brings an extra level of aggressiveness, and that has a dark side too. That Spikes would try to do something in a rivalry game and retaliate is almost acceptable, until the possibility of the whole "blinding a guy" thing is considered.

- When Tebow walked into the end zone for the SEC rushing TD record, it got a little dusty in the Alligator Army Luxury Box. The extended ovation for Tebow was a neat touch, like we expected him to come out of the dugout and tip his hat to the crowd.

- Urban Meyer continues to push the right buttons in terms of motivating this team. Last week's circling the wagons, combined with a mean Tebow and Spikes has set this team on a much steadier course than before Mississippi State. Contrast this with Mark Richt's black helmets, black pants and jump around after Georgia made it 14-10. Meyer does not rely on gimmicks.

- Speaking of Georgia's attempts to get noticed by Tim Gunn, regular readers of Uni Watch probably thought of writer Paul Lukas' "Is it good or is it stupid?" when UGA came out looking like Grambling. I liked the black pants, but the black helmet replaced an iconic helmet. UGA has worn a red helmet since the 1960s. To do a one-off against your rival is pretty lame.

- As for drinking fun, the highlight was seeing a drunk guy fall off an escalator at the Landings Saturday night. He flipped off about halfway up, landed on his back, and got up apparently uninjured after a 15 foot fall. Remember kids, drink responsibly.