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Basketball Finishes Preseason

The Gators defeated Webber International 104-53, ending the Gators' preseason schedule. Sunday, the Gators face Stetson in their season opener. UF will have two games before facing Florida State on Tuesday, Nov. 24 rather than the traditional Friday before the FSU-UF football game. That is because UF will get Michigan State and Rutgers/UMass over Thanksgiving weekend.

Monday night, Kenny Boynton, Erving Walker and Ray Shipman were your leading scorers, just as they had done in Florida's first preseason game. The regular season will be a much more accurate test to see if those three are the key guys and if Shipman can crack the starting lineup as a third guard. Florida's two assumed tough guys; Tidewater resident Vernon Macklin and Israeli Nimrod Tishman, are getting time but Tishman is not yet in the rotation. Macklin will be a starter and his success will depend on if the three guards want to share and if Dan Werner will stop chucking threes. (That's right, we're getting our Werner-itis out of the way early.) We will have a complete basketball preview on Friday.