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SEC Power Poll, Week Ten


Our SEC Power Poll ballot. Final results at Team Speed Kills on Wednesday.

1. Florida: I don't care if it is Tim Tebow, you cannot win a championship and allow 22 sacks. Part of the blame is on the offensive line (too many sacks on four man rushes) and part is on Tebow (I've baked a cake in the time Tebow has held on to the ball).

2. Alabama: Bama does not score to get style points. They use violence.

3. LSU: Still the third best and nothing to be ashamed of. If they had a quarterback, it would be a different story.

4. Auburn: Auburn has doubled their offense in a year (17 to 35 points per game). Sure it includes 63 against Furman and 54 against Ball State, but they could probably get 40 on Georgia this week.

5. Mississippi: Ole Miss is no better or worse than they were last season. Isn't that what got Houston Nutt fired at Arkansas? Well, that and sending text messages to TV anchorwomen?

6. Tennessee: Monte Kiffin has confused and frustrated nearly every quarterback the Vols have played this season (16th nationally in pass defense). And that is without the athletes to run the system properly.

7. South Carolina: I know he's coaching against UF, but do you really think Steve Spurrier wants to be the coach who ended the Gators' undefeated season?

8. Mississippi State: They are not scared of anybody, even big bad Bama. Of their five losses this year, four of them were to teams in the top-15.

9. Georgia: 0-2 against Tennessee and Florida, will Willie Martinez get fired if they lose to Auburn on Saturday?

10. Arkansas: Two wins and they clinch the Papa John's Bowl! Hey, Papa's in the house!

11. Kentucky: They'll beat Vandy. But do they have the horses to beat Georgia and Tennessee?

12. Vanderbilt: I have nightmares about what it must be like to be a Vandy fan.