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Will UF Have A Nike Pro Combat Uniform? They Will.

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A few weeks ago, we mentioned the rumor that UF got a shipment of white helmets, hypothesizing that they would be worn for a throwback game. Then we saw this on Friends of The Program (via EDSBS);


The Pro Combat uniform is Nike's latest attempt to make every school look like Oregon. While some of the designs are throwback-ish (Texas, Ohio State), others look like a cartoon (TCU, wearing them this weekend; FSU, wearing them against Maryland on Nov. 21). Florida's, assuming the picture is accurate, assuming that UF actually does have white helmets in storage, and assuming that Jeremy Foley thinks he can make some coin off this, is throwback-ish.

The white helmet presented by Nike looks like the helmets worn in 1966 and 1967. (UF wore white helmets 1951-61 and '68, but not with blue-orange-blue stripes.) However, this being Nike, they will probably use another logo, rather than the 'Block F' from '66 or uni numbers from '67. In that time, UF wore very simple jerseys, blue with orange/white sleeve cuffs. The jersey presented seems pretty similar to that, with the modern touch of blue pants.

For one game, this seems relatively harmless. But if the uniforms were changed, even to the 60's basic look, you might have a revolt. UF's uniforms have changed very little, except for the color rotation on the sleeve and pants stripes; compare Danny Wuerffel to Tim Tebow. The Gators script helmet has existed since 1979, and were worn for three National Championships and all of UF's SEC Championships. Any permanent changes would not go over well, with the continuous changes in uniform tailoring being acceptable. That said, the Nike design could be worse; it could be orange.

[Update] Now that it is confirmed, the Sentinel's Jeremy Fowler makes a good point; Tebow's last home game will be played in a gimmick jersey. Of course, Tebow's last two games will be in traditional jerseys.