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Game 10 at South Carolina: Homestretch Ahead


Pictured: Man o' War, winner of 20 of 21 races, including the Preakness, Belmont and Gold Cup in 1920.

Our thoroughbred Tim Tebow has run a mile of this horse race and he's turning home. The patrons are screaming, the drunk college kids are yelling, the gamblers are telling him that he can't win, but still holding on to their betting tickets.

In this increasingly strange season, South Carolina can present a huge challenge for the Gators as their year long fight over offensive philosophy continues. If you follow horse racing, you understand the value of a good jockey. In this case, Urban Meyer and Steve Addazio need to figure out if they are just along for the ride or going to pull out the whip for the last five games. If they are just hanging on, hoping their horse is fast enough, they will get caught in those final furlongs/games. But show that horse the stick, he will take off. And no one can catch him.