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Game 11 vs. Florida International: The Future


Today is Florida's opportunity to see if the kids are alright and give Tim Tebow a victory lap before Evil Tebow plays against FSU. John Brantley will be your quarterback for hopefully 45 minutes and he will be doing beautiful work if he can get David Nelson and Omarius Hines involved in the offense. Brantley will be showing off his arm, but if he can work the ball around, maybe that will create some trust in Florida's less used wide receivers. In that same thinking, Emmanuel Moody's bad ankle will give Mike Gillislee another chance to show he can run the ball and run the ball hard. Best case is not that Florida destroys FIU. It's that we find some more guys to add into the arsenal for FSU, Alabama and the bowl game.

Florida's future on defense is far more stable than on offense. I mentioned guys like Jelani Jenkins and Brendan Beal this week as who might stand out next year and can use today as a jumping off point. They may not be able to see the field in the last three games, but they get the advantage of hitting someone not wearing orange and blue.

And we need everyone to stay healthy today too and not stick their fingers where they shouldn't be. We'll need everyone in peak condition for the last two games. Also, Alligator Army will be in Gainesville for this game, so try to follow us on (if our AT&T service decides to work). Check back this evening for a game write up. But as soon as the clock hits 0:00, remember this; you will now be in HATE FSU Week. Enjoy.