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A New Season Begins

There are only three games in front of the Gators now. Today's 62-3 win over Florida International was merely a practice, a diversion before the most important games in Florida history.

If there is something to take away from today it is that nine UF players had catches. While Cade Holliday and Justin Williams won't soon be getting in the lineup, David Nelson and Deonte Thompson got involved enough to get them into a rhythm for next week. Tim Tebow is loyal to a fault in that it took Aaron Hernandez getting limited action for our boy Timothy to look at other options. Following the game, Urban Meyer referenced the notion that perhaps Tebow should have been removed much earlier. But this time, the decision was a good one, as Tebow was able to reconnect with some long lost guys and his head didn't explode on an offensive lineman's knee. At 11-0, Urban is still the smartest guy in the room.

Florida State is next. It was interesting to note that several times today, the 1997 UF-FSU game was referenced, between pre-game and in-game promotions. That year, an undefeated FSU was stunned by a rebuilding Florida team. The tables are turned for this season. But there is no way in hell Tim Tebow loses on Saturday.