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Welcome To HATE FSU Week

Some of you probably think it is a sure thing. You're trying to figure out how to get to Atlanta or Pasadena. Even worse, you're thinking this is a victory lap for Tim Tebow and The Optometrist, Brandon Spikes.

But Florida State week should never be over looked. Not just because this is a rivalry game. This is class warfare. The hatred between Florida and Florida State is tribal, as the two institutions are separated athletically, culturally and intellectually. I'm sure there are people who think this is a football game. I feel sorry for them.

To start this week, remember that there was a time, not too long ago, when a weakened FSU played a Florida team that was marching towards a National Championship. At least until FSU's Darnell Dockett nearly broke Earnest Graham's leg.

Graham was then held out of Florida's 34-32 loss to Tennessee, ending the 2001 season without a trip to Atlanta and a shot at the National Championship. Mickey Andrews, the architect of Dockett's attempt to end Graham's career, the intentional late hits on Danny Wuerffel, and hitting "to the echo of the whistle", will coach his last regular season game. It is our hope that the Gators send him into retirement in style with an epic beat down and sixth consecutive loss for Florida State.

Remember Earnest Graham this week. Carry him in your orange and blue heart. It does not matter that Earnest Graham won a Super Bowl and Darnell Dockett lost one. FSU fans cheered Percy Harvin's injury in 2008 and that deserves eternal retribution. It does not matter that UF has won six of nine games this decade, because there are always more games to win. It does not matter that FSU is struggling, because they always deserve another ass kicking. And it does not matter that Bobby Bowden is too old to continue coaching at Ron Zook Field. The old man had Jack Childress hand him the 2003 game and Bowden deserves to never win a game against UF again.

Throughout this week, in addition to actual football (and basketball) material and Championship Mode on Thanksgiving, we will remind you that destroying FSU is a very big deal. Plus, we will have an "exclusive" with Evil Tim Tebow on Wednesday.

And I don't give a damn about Alabama right now. This is HATE FSU Week.