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SEC Power Poll, Week Twelve


Our SEC Power Poll ballot. Final results at Team Speed Kills on Wednesday.

1. Alabama: The biggest difference between Bama 2008 and Bama 2009 is that Mark Ingram is an improvement over Glen Coffee. Through 11 games, Ingram is averaging 127 ypg (5th nationally) with 12 touchdowns. Coffee was averaging 99 ypg and 8 touchdowns.

2. Florida: Between Alabama becoming a popular upset pick, Notre Dame again trying to chat up Urban Meyer, and a Big 12 quarterback securing the Heisman, 2009 is looking a lot like 2008 for the Gators. Aside from the offense sucking, of course.

3. LSU: Even my 13 year-old sister was screaming at Les Miles Saturday night. Granted, I have a sister who chose seeing "The Blind Side" over the Twilight movie last weekend.

4. Ole Miss: Proud weekend at Ole Miss; they defeated a division rival and shouted down racist cowards who tried to hijack a beautiful football weekend.

5. Arkansas: They've won four in a row and are scoring in buckets (8th nationally in scoring offense). But three of their four losses were on the road and they will visit LSU on Saturday.

6. Kentucky: If Morgan Newton can keep the train on the tracks and the ball in the bellies of Derrick Locke and Randall Cobb, they will hang with Tennessee. If the defense can force four turnovers like they did against Georgia, they will easily win and complete an epic turnaround after being 2-3 in mid-October.

7. Tennessee: Maybe Kiffin should find some women's basketball players to fill in his defensive roster.

8. Georgia: You know Georgia is having a bad season when they get sympathy from a Gator fan. Although, that's because their dog died, not because Joe Cox sucks.

9. Auburn: The Iron Bowl is going to be a long day for the Tigers. Ingram is going to run all over them.

10. South Carolina: Why is it that they are so terrible late in the season? Is something in the water in Columbia? Are they too focused on their mistress in Argentina?

11. Mississippi State: Beating Ole Miss Saturday in Starkville will make Dan Mullen Year One a huge success.

12. Vanderbilt: At least the season is over.