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Gator Basketball vs. Rutgers

Awwww, helllll yeahhhh boyeeee! Like all of you, I was very excited when Michigan State managed to miss two shots to tie and the Gators pulled off the 77-74 upset win. But, the Gators (5-0) have to finish and defeat Rutgers this evening in Atlantic City.

Rutgers (3-1) defeated UMass Friday night, their best win of the season after losing to a 2-3 Vermont team at home. The Scarlet Knights are your typical Big East team in that they don't shoot three pointers (only 23 made this season) and are poor at the line (60%). Florida most definitely has the talent to win and they will have to do that in order to prove what all of us said last night; "Oh, this is a top-25 team."