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SEC Power Poll, Week Nine


Our SEC Power Poll ballot. Final results at Team Speed Kills on Wednesday.

1. Florida: Beating your rival efficiently can erase a lot of doubts people have about you. But Florida should realize they beat Georgia in a down year. It was like beating a JV team.

2. Alabama: Defense wins championships, but Bama needed the bye week to fix their passing game. Otherwise, they are running into the same offensive problems that sunk them last season.

3. LSU: Between LSU and Bama's defenses, we might see another 3-2 game Saturday.

4. Auburn: Last week, I had them as 11. Now I have them as 4. That's what happens when you have three dominant teams and nine bums.

5. Tennessee: The best of the .500 teams, Tennessee can win out and finish 5-3 SEC and 8-4 overall. Not bad for Kiffin's first season in a real rebuilding job.

6. Ole Miss: The Rebels handed a win to Auburn with three turnovers. Poor Dexter McCluster got no help and his 186 yards were wasted.

7. South Carolina: I don't think Steve Spurrier can take much more of this. Just let him go home to some golf course so he can piss in the woods in peace.

8. Georgia: Lost in Gouge-gate, a clean play by a Gator actually injured a Bulldog; Major Wright's 4th quarter hit gave A.J. Green a bruised lung.

9. Mississippi State: The dream of 4-4 in the SEC is alive! Come on, Anthony Dixon!

10. Arkansas: Look on the bright side Arky; you're 7th nationally in scoring offense.

11. Kentucky: In their last chance to get people to pay attention to them before basketball starts, they allow 348 yards rushing to Miss State. Well played, sirs.

12. Vanderbilt: This season has been strange, but even Vandy beating UF on Saturday is outside the range of possibilities.