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Atlanta Death Match 2009

Saturday will be the seventh time that Alabama and Florida play for the SEC Championship Game as Florida makes the case for best SEC program in the Divisional Era, just as Alabama was before 1992. Any other matchup, even a One vs. Two as this game is, would not have the historical weight that this matchup does. Alabama, The Team of The Last Century, is trying to stop Florida from being The Team of This Century (So Far). Alabama wants what they once had and Florida wants what Alabama got in the past. And you know there is some Alabama man who is thinking about Bama's 1926 win in the Rose Bowl (Alabama's first National Championship) and how it is fate for Bama to return to Pasadena.

As much as sports fans believe in fate or superstition, college kids are not impacted by any games your Daddy saw. Of course, there is one thing they are impacted by, 2008;

Alabama has been hungry for a rematch all season just so it could replay that fourth quarter. A de­fense that gave up two touch­downs in that one quarter has al­lowed only three fourth-quarter touchdowns in 12 games this sea­son...But that fourth-quarter failure has motivated the Tide this sea­son.

"The challenge is, great teams, great competitors are never satis­fied," Saban said. "They always want to accomplish more. . . . They're very committed to that standard of excellence. That's something this team is going to have an opportunity again to do something that last year's team didn't get done. I think the commitment to that standard of excellence and the passion that they have demon­strated throughout the year are all things that are going to be key ingredients for them to continue to have success."

But, Florida is ready to defend their crown.