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Alligator Army Pick'em 2009 Update

With five weeks remaining, only four games separate 1st place and 9th place in the Alligator Army Pick'em. The leader "Clever Team Name" has 100 wins, and two have 99 wins; "It's not gay if it is with Tebow" and "Gainesville is Titletown". I am in 7th place with 97 wins.

Our first prize is the USA Today College Football Encyclopedia, which is heavy enough to knock your favorite rival unconscious during a fight over the last beer in the cooler. Our second prize is a double; you can open your beer with a Florida Gators keychain from And keep it from sweating on the table with a pack of Gators coasters from Paper Kraft Coasters. Prize winners will get the items in time for the Gators eventual bowl game this season.