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Game 9 vs. Vanderbilt: FREE BRANDON SPIKES!

Florida faces Vanderbilt today, which has a puncher's chance, if that puncher covers up and tries to score on jabs. Vandy has a clear head, even if they have suffered beatings in their last five games. The Gators don't have that advantage, but they also didn't allow 56 points last week. Vandy was winning 14-7 last week against Georgia Tech, and was tied 28-28 at the half. Vanderbilt had 8 guys with rushing attempts, and 6 with catches. But you can't win when the Jackets' 19th Century offense rolls 412 yards (on 69 rushing attempts). The Commodores can frustrate UF, so the Gators need to score and impose their will early. They cannot let the theme they established (soul crushing scoring drives, total warfare defense) in the Georgia game to be a one time thing.

Of course, we will also hear about our boy Brandon Spikes and why kids should never stick their fingers inside someone's face mask. Florida should be relatively healthy for the game, with the most serious issues being Brandon Antwine and Chris Rainey with bad shoulders.