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Victory By Cruise Control

There isn't much to say new about the Gators' 27-3 win over Vanderbilt. It was clearly a low-key Gators team with low-key fans perfectly willing to hit cruise control for a night. Against a better team, nine penalties and allowing 7-16 on 3rd down conversions would have been a death sentence. But against Vandy, it is a 24 point win.

Tim Tebow is still holding the ball too long and carrying the ball too much (16 of 37 carries). But our boy was 18-23 throwing for 227. Not Colt McCoy numbers, but efficient.

Also with Tebow, here is his Bible verse, Colossians 3:25;

But he that doeth wrong shall receive for the wrong which he hath done: and there is no respect of persons.

Apparently, it was 3:23 not 3:25. I was probably over excited that Tebow had picked an obscure verse.

I'm guessing this has something to do with the week Florida has had, but I haven't had to do Bible intrepretations since high school.

With Alabama clinching the West, there is now a clear path to the Atlanta Death Match and the National Semifinal, SEC Region. That's the most important thing to take away from this weekend.