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Carlos Dunlap Arrested For DUI

Remember to drink responsibly kids, especially before the biggest game of your life when you're a key part of the defense. From the Sentinel;

Florida defensive end Carlos Dunlap was arrested at around 3:30 a.m. for driving under the influence after falling asleep at the wheel. 

Police found Dunlap, 20 -- a key part of Florida's national title push this week against Alabama -- slumped over in his Chrysler at a complete stop through multiple green-light traffic cycles at the 200 block of Southwest 34th Street, according to the police report. 

Officers reached into the car to turn off the ignition while the clutch was still in gear and finally awoke a "very groggy" Dunlap, the report states.

Looks like Florida's depth on the d-line will be tested Saturday. Brandon Spikes playing optometrist is one thing, getting a DUI in a town where it is seen as a scarlet letter is a whole other story. A DUI can actually get you kicked out of school (bolded for emphasis). 

Any employee, student, student group, or guest of the university who is found to be in violation of the law or the university alcohol policy shall be subject to disciplinary action by the university and/or federal, state or local authorities...A student found responsible for a violation of the Student Conduct Code will be subject to sanctions which may include one or more of the following penalties as provided in rule 6Cl-4.0162 of the Florida Administrative Code, payment of damages, reprimand, conduct probation, suspension, or expulsion. Sanctions shall be commensurate with the offense and any aggravating and mitigating circumstances.

Before anyone starts thinking about how many games Urban Meyer suspends Dunlap, the UF alcohol code puts the responsibility of punishment on the administration. Since Bernie Machen took over as president, the University has been serious about punishing students for DUI. (Dunlap might have been better off doing what Ronnie Wilson did because of this policy.) Earlier this year, Gators pitcher Stephen Locke was arrested for DUI and kicked off the team. However, the charges were dropped and Locke was brought back. While it worked out well in the end for Locke, it was a look into the athletic department's handling of DUIs. They know that students are either kicked out of school (if found guilty) or willingly sit out a semester (if they have another legal outcome, this tends to happens to kids who can afford a lawyer). There is no point in keeping a kid around if Machen is going to throw him out.

Dunlap has been released from Alachua County Jail, but he may be facing a release from the University.