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Coming Attractions; Alligator Army All-Decade Awards

Monday, we will kick off our Alligator Army College Bowl Pick'em. Starting next week, we will also have our All-Decade Awards. You'll be able to pick an All-Decade Team in football (not basketball, because if you pick something other than Noah, Horford, Brewer, Humphrey, Green, you're an asshole). But you can select Best Basketball Player, Best Non-Major Sport Athlete, Football Game of The Decade, Basketball Game of The Decade and Gator of The Decade. If we had money, we'd send the winners a cool t-shirt, but we have no money.

We'll also get more into the Sugar Bowl and what a headless Cincinnati means for the Gators. We'll look at the Gators rebuilding for 2010, hopefully without someone accusing us of being a Miami fan because God forbid someone predicts UF might finish 8-5 or 9-4. Maybe we'll have an exit interview with Evil Tebow too, or at least ask him what he thinks about Good Tebow taking a brain cancer patient to the ESPNU College Football Awards Show.