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Alligator Army All-Decade Team: Offensive Tackles

We kick off the Alligator Army All-Decade Team with the men assigned to protect Rex Grossman, Chris Leak and Tim Tebow. Today, you can vote for the best offensive tackles, guards and center of the last 10 years. We will also have the nominees for the offensive positions later this week. Starting Friday will be the defense, with the All-Decade Team presentation concluding next week. We are only taking into consideration performance at Florida and from 2000-2009. Now, the nominees for Alligator Army All-Decade Offensive Tackles (vote for two);

Kenyatta Walker (1998-2000): 2000 Second Team All-American, 2000 First Team AP and Coaches All-SEC, 2000 Jacobs Award for best blocker in the SEC.

Mike Pearson (1998-2001): 2000 First Team Coaches All-SEC, 2001 First Team All-American, 2001 First Team AP and Coaches All-SEC

Max Starks (2000-2003): 2003 First Team Coaches All-SEC. Had the misfortune of playing in two of the worst losses of the decade; 2001 against Tennessee (as right tackle for Grossman) and 2003 against FSU (as left tackle for Leak).

Phil Trautwein (2004-2008):  2008 First Team AP and Coaches All-SEC. Starting left tackle for the 2006 and 2008 National Championship Games.

Jason Watkins (2004-2008): Started at left tackle in 2007 following Trautwein's injury and moved to right tackle for the 2008 season. Started 27 consecutive games, 2007-08.


Who are the All-Decade offensive tackles? (select 2)
Kenyatta Walker
Mike Pearson
Max Starks
Phil Trautwein
Jason Watkins free polls