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Gator Basketball vs. Richmond

The Gators' Tour de Florida is in Sunrise tonight as UF (8-1, 13/13) faces Richmond (7-3) in the Orange Bowl Classic. Not only do the Gators come off their exam break, but they are not healthy. Florida's early season rise can become a fall just as quickly if they cannot fight off the injury bug. Of note tonight is Chandler Parsons following the Matt Walsh theory of leg injuries, and playing until he cannot walk as Parsons has a torn leg muscle. While he is the only starter win an injury, Ray Shipman, Kenny Kadji and Erik Murphy are sore enough to limit their minutes. If Florida gets into foul trouble or Richmond wants to run, we could see the Gators exposed.

Richmond is not a pushover, as they have defeated Mississippi State and led South Carolina on Wednesday at the half, before losing by 18. Both the Gators and Spiders allow about 61 ppg, but Florida is scoring about seven points more per game. With 16.8 ppg, Kevin Anderson leads the Spiders in scoring. His worst efforts, 12 points, came against Miss State and South Carolina.