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Gators Lose To Richmond

That sound you hear is ankles breaking as people jump off the Gator Basketball Bandwagon. You can blame injuries, too long of a lay off and guys taking wayyyyyyy too many jump shots, but the Gators have now lost two in a row, dropping to Richmond 56-53. The Gators (8-2) lost an eight-point half time lead and managed to lose to a team that made only one field goal in the last 10 minutes of the game. This was the Gators' lowest scoring game of the season as they were 21-58 from the field (a horrific 38%), 3-16 from three (you think these guys would have learned to stop chucking) and 8-14 from the line (under 50% is bad, only 14 attempts is worse). Erving Walker and Kenny Boynton were a combined 5-23 from the field. 

While this is nothing to panic over, it is a completely different team from the one that defeated Michigan State and hung with Syracuse for 30 minutes. The Gators have three games starting Tuesday, before their January 3 date at NC State. That is enough time to get healthy. But it might not be enough time to make them realize they are not a jump shooting team.