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SEC Power Poll, Week Thirteen

Our SEC Power Poll ballot. Final results at Team Speed Kills on Wednesday.

1. Alabama: The challenger always has a puncher's chance.

2. Florida: It wouldn't be a Gator Game Week without a massive distraction. Goodbye Carlos Dunlap.

3. LSU: Can you be the most exciting team in the SEC and be third best?

4. Ole Miss: 4-4 in the league is pretty disappointing. After the loss to Mississippi State, the song "Mississippi Goddamn" was stuck in my head all night. Hooray for Civil Rights songs!

5. Auburn: As much as I enjoyed Auburn giving Alabama a heart attack, you knew Bama would win. I half expected Mike Slive to run out on the field and award Bama a fifth down if they didn't score late.

6. Arkansas: Five losses, all in conference. Is that improvement?

7. Georgia: With a group of Gators Saturday night, we were all rooting for the Bulldogs. SEC pride baby, especially for a team that had to deal with an ineffective quarterback, poor defense, and a dead puppy.

8. South Carolina: How bad is the ACC that their most exciting player is dominated by a weak SEC team?

9. Tennessee: First five games: 2-3. Last five games: 4-1. Finishing strong is a sign of maturity.

10. Kentucky: If I had to pick one SEC team to lose their bowl game, this would be it.

11. Mississippi State: More cowbell for Dan Mullen.

12. Vanderbilt: Ending the season before Thanksgiving is un-SEC-like.