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Alligator Army All-Decade Team: Specialists

Our final selections for the Alligator Army All-Decade Team are combined. When you make your selections, pick one kicker, punter and returner.


Jeff Chandler (1997-2001): 2000 Groza Award semifinalist (best kicker). 167-180 extra points, 67-80 field goals.

Matt Leach (2001-2004): 2003 Groza Award semifinalist (best kicker). 120-125 extra points, 43-61 field goals.

Jonathan Phillips (2005-2009): He lost his job this year, but his makes it based on his 2008 work. 2008 Groza Award semifinalist (best kicker). 97-101 extra points (78-79 in 2008), 12-14 on field goals (12-13 in 2008.)


Eric Wilbur (2003-2006): Assisted on Wondy Pierre-Louis fumble recovery in 2006 SEC Championship Game. 2005 Ray Guy semifinalist (best punter). Attractive girlfriend. 231 punts, 9900 yards, 42.9 average.

Chas Henry (2007-2009): In last two seasons, has allowed only 99 yards on returns. 2009 Ray Guy finalist (best punter). 114 punts, 4793 yards, 42 average.


Lito Sheppard (1999-2001): 1031 return yards, 2 touchdowns.

Keiwan Ratliff (2000-2003): Second all-time in yards and returns. 860 return yards.

Brandon James (2006-2009): All time SEC leader in return yards. 2008 AP SEC Special Teams Player of The Year. 4089 return yards, 5 touchdowns.

Who are the All-Decade specialists? (vote one of each)
K: Jeff Chandler
K: Matt Leach
K: Jonathan Phillips
P: Eric Wilbur
P: Chas Henry
R: Lito Sheppard
R: Keiwan Ratliff
R: Brandon James free polls

This concludes our All-Decade Team selections. The Alligator Army All-Decade Team will be announced Wednesday, December 30. You can vote every day for your picks. If you haven't voted, here are the positions and nominees;

Quarterback: Grossman, Leak, Tebow

Running Back: Graham, Fason, Wynn, Harvin, Demps

Wide Receivers: Gaffney, Jacobs, Jackson, Baker, Caldwell, Harvin, Cooper

Tight End: Troupe, Ingram, Hernandez

Center: Degory, Rissler, Ma. Pouncey

Guards: Snell, Mitchell, Miller, Tartt, Mi. Pouncey

Tackles: Walker, Pearson, Starks, Trautwein, Watkins


Ends: Brown, Moss, Harvey, Cunningham, Dunlap

Tackles: Scott, Cohen, McDonald, Harris, Sanders, Marsh

Linebackers: Davis, Hardmon, Crowder, Everett, Siler, Spikes, Stamper

Cornerbacks: Ratliff, Lewis, Smith, Haden, Jenkins

Safeties: Sheppard, Johnson, Scott, Nelson, Black, Wright